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What is a meet-cute anyway?

The term meet cute comes from the movies. It’s that delightful moment when two people, who are destined to fall in love first meet.

The phrase stems from the Golden Era of Hollywood but regained popularity with the 2009 film The Holiday (one of Lenas favs). The movie references the 1938 film Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife when Gary Cooper’s character was shopping for only pajama bottoms (a rare request at the time) and Claudette Colbert’s character wanted only pajama tops. It was a match made in sleepwear heaven.

The meet cutes Lena and Logan share aren’t always so whimsical because they’re not make believe, but are the real life stories of couples meeting. Well not always couples. Sometimes they share how friends met or the moment someone found their life’s passion.

“A little laughter and a lot of love.”

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