Paige and Jordan

Hey, Meet Cuties! This week Lena shares the meet cute of almost high school sweethearts Paige and Jordan. Their love leads to multiple proposals and even sends Jordan on a scavenger hunt in their front yard. This episode is a real page turner as Paige’s story continues and we learn how she came to fallContinue reading “Paige and Jordan”

Stephanie and Gus

Okay everyone, cue the great Shalamar’s ‘Second Time Around’ and grab your favorite snack.  This week you are all in for a treat as Lena shares the meet cute of second time around lovers Stephanie and Gus.  Their unique union led them down the aisle not once but twice! Then later Lena shares how her second timeContinue reading “Stephanie and Gus”

Carl and Logan

Lena and Logan reverse roles as Logan shares the meet cute when she met her husband Carl. Join us as Logan shares how a teenage love affair sparked at a basketball game, turned into love & marriage. Then later Logan shares 11 year old gymnast Kaliyah’s meet cute with gymnastics. This meet cute reveals howContinue reading “Carl and Logan”

Elisa and H

This week Lena shares with Logan, the Meet Cute of Elisa and H. Join us as Lena presents her case to The Court of Love (Logan & You) and reveals how a California Girl and a British Military man met and became fast friends around the holidays. Lena then shares the meet cute which ledContinue reading “Elisa and H”

Granny and Pampaw

Lena and Logan could think of no better way to officially start a podcast than with telling the story of how their grandparents met. This isn’t a story they knew, so Lena interviewed her sister, family historian and genealogist, Era Ephraim. This is a decades long bittersweet story that starts in the segregated depression eraContinue reading “Granny and Pampaw”

This Is Us

On this bonus preview episode you’ll get to know the makers of That’s So Meet Cute. Lean spills some personal tea and leaves Logan speechless. Listen to This Episode on Spotify Find Other Places to Listen Connect with us: Website: Lena Hampton: or Logan Chandler: Sammy Kay: If you haveContinue reading “This Is Us”